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Do you have office and gate hours?

We’re open Monday through Saturday 9am-6pm and on Sunday 10am-4pm. If you need to access your unit during closed hours, special arrangements can be made by speaking to our friendly staff.

Do you have indoor and outdoor units?

All of our storage units are located at a secure indoor facility.

Drive up units?


Are moving carts available?

Yes, we have moving supplies available for use. Please ask us about our FREE pick up service.

Do you have RV/Boat/Car/Motorcycle storage?

We have vehicle storage available.

Are packing materials available? 


What type of security is available?

We have 24-hour video recording and alarm systems.

Do you supply the locks (available for purchase)? 

Secure locks are provided with every unit.

Can anyone drive onto the property or do they need a pin number (or other security access code)?

Everyone is welcome to our property but must have authorized access (renter and company) to enter the storage area.

Do you have video cameras?

We have 24-hour video recording and alarm systems.

How far in advance should I reserve a storage unit?

We always recommend contacting us as soon as possible for the best rates. However accommodations can be made for people with immediate storage needs.

What can I store in the rental facility?

Hazardous, toxic materials cannot be stored.  Items that might combust or explode are not permitted in the facility.  This would include gasoline, paint, alcohol, fireworks, dynamite, etc.

Is there a price break if I pay in advance or sign a long-term rental agreement?

We have different specials running all the time. Give us a call and we’ll make sure to give you the most competitive price.

What are the payment terms?

We offer flexible payment options to meet your need.

Do you accept credit cards? 


Can I pay my bills online?

Yes.  Most renters prefer automatic billing with their credit card.

What type of identification do I need?

You’ll need a photo ID.

Do I need insurance?

No, you are not required to have insurance. You are welcome to purchase your own insurance or purchase insurance through Westside Self Storage.

What size units are available and how do I know which size will suit my needs?

Our storage units are available in various dimensions which allow us to offer you a competitive rate.  If you’re not sure what size unit you need, call us and our knowledgeable staff will match your storage needs with the correct unit.

The following diagram will provide an idea of how much storage space you might need, but make sure to contact our Westside Self Storage staff to ensure you rent the storage unit that best fits your storage requirements.

5 x 5 = Electronics, bicycles, boxes (Residential = boxes, small furniture, files, etc.; Business = 35 files boxes and inventory)

5 x 10 = Studio apartment (Residential = studio or small one bedroom apartment; Business = office equipment and inventory)

5 x 15 = One bedroom apartment (Residential = 1 bedroom apartment or garage items; Business = furnishing for one person office space)

10 x 10 = Two bedroom apartment (Residential = 2 bedroom apartment or household equipment; Business = 2 office spaces plus boxes)

10 x 15 = Three bedroom apartment or house (Residential = 3 bed house or full apartment; Business = 3 offices spaces, boxes or equipment)

10 x 20 = Four bedroom house (Residential = 4 bed house or garage items; Business = 3-4 office spaces, boxes, and equipment)

10 x 25 = Four + bedroom house (Residential = 4+ bed house plus garage items; Business = 4 offices spaces, boxes, equipment)

10 x 30 = Five bedroom house (Residential = 5 bed house, large furniture; Business = 5 offices spaces, boxes, equipment)

Why Should I Consider Westside Self Storage?

  • Free up space in your home, apartment or business
  • Temporary storage for all or part of your personal possessions while you relocate
  • Downsizing from a large home to a smaller one
  • De-clutter your home in preparation for staging and sale
  • Growing family
  • Secure location to keep valuables or personal items secure while on vacation or leasing home
  • Maintain collections and memorabilia in one place
  • Store seasonal items:
    • Garden furniture
    • Tools
    • Sports equipment (water or snow skis, surf boards, boogie boards, scuba equipment, windsurfers, golf clubs, bicycles)
    • Clothing (winter or summer)
    • Holiday decorations
    • Recreational vehicles, motorcycles, boats, etc

  • Student storage during summer break or holidays
  • Commercial storage of excess inventory or seasonal items
  • File boxes, office equipment, or extra chairs, desks, cubicles, electronics

Organizing and Packing Your Westside Self Storage Unit

It’s worth taking the time to plan what and how you pack your belongings into the self-storage unit.  Keep in mind that a storage unit fee is based upon size – if you plan ahead and pack efficiently, you’ll be able to save money by fitting your items into a less expensive, smaller unit.

Two things to consider when organizing your self-storage unit; make sure that you can easily access stored items when you need them and careful packing will keep them protected during storage.

  • Label all items clearly and precisely
  • Pack breakable items in clean towels and linens and clearly mark container 
  • Store your largest items first
  • Stack your heaviest boxes on the bottom to avoid damage
  • Stack boxes and similarly sized items together to save space
  • Don’t lean furniture against the outside walls
  • Optimize unit space – fill empty areas such as; wardrobes, dressers, washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, file cabinets with smaller items
  • Assess what you may need to access regularly and keep it in the front of your unit
  • Stack boxes and containers so that the labels are visible (better yet, label all four sides of box or container)

Westside Self Storage specializes in providing a safe, secure, convenient and clean self-storage facility for the Santa Monica/Westside area including Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside San Bernardino and the following areas: 90064, 90401, 90402, 90403, 90404, 90405, 90025, 90024, 90077, 90067, 90049, 90272, 90291, 90034, 90035, 90048, 90046, 90036, 90019, 90201,90212, 90230,90232,90272, 90045, 90069, 90028, 90038, 90068, 90024, 90066, LA County: Beverly Hills, Clover City, Los Angeles, West Holliday, Pacific, Brentwood, Mar Vista, Westwood, Inglewood, Palms, Encino, Bel Aire, Beverly Glenn Canyon, Laurel Canyon, Malibu, 90265, Encinco, Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood, 91346, 91316, 91356, 91403, 414023, Studio City, 91607, 91604, 91602, 91601, Handcock Park, 90005, 90020, 90006, Silver Lake 90026, 90012, 90031, 90027, 90039, 90065, 90042, 90031, 90032. El Segundo, 90245, Hawthorne 90260, 90250.